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Life: A Riddle!

Life always surprises me in a precipitous manner…

From handling myself as a child
To struggle as a warrior,
From mending my melting heart
To fetch a stone heart,
From putting myself down for others
To stand by my own side,
From crying alone in a room
To dance alone in a room!

Life always diverges between my world of unrealistic fantasies and the real world…

From having moments of nightmare
To make unprecedented moments,
From having fear of death
To face death valiantly,
From sacrificing my dreams
To pierce my dreams,
From scattering my soul as ashes on grave
To put my soul as blossom bougainvillea!

Life always makes me choose between to live or to die…

Oh, my deliciae!
Do you seriously think I can’t handle myself?
Oh, my sweetheart!
Do you seriously think I need someone to handle myself?



Published by Himanshinancy

Every living creature in the world wants to be understood but doesn't want to understand. So, here I'm.

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