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Autumn & Fall

It was spring in my heart,
And autumn in my mind.
Striking out her firelight,
I lost my sight.
Gazing her with a beam light,
I lost my night.
Waiting for my love of unlocked door,
I wander through every floor!

She was filling my void,
Like the psychological theory of Freud.
Walking along my alley,
Like a deep valley.
But she broke my illusion,
Like a popular delusion!!



Life: A Riddle!

Life always surprises me in a precipitous manner…

From handling myself as a child
To struggle as a warrior,
From mending my melting heart
To fetch a stone heart,
From putting myself down for others
To stand by my own side,
From crying alone in a room
To dance alone in a room!

Life always diverges between my world of unrealistic fantasies and the real world…

From having moments of nightmare
To make unprecedented moments,
From having fear of death
To face death valiantly,
From sacrificing my dreams
To pierce my dreams,
From scattering my soul as ashes on grave
To put my soul as blossom bougainvillea!

Life always makes me choose between to live or to die…

Oh, my deliciae!
Do you seriously think I can’t handle myself?
Oh, my sweetheart!
Do you seriously think I need someone to handle myself?


Happy World Music Day: Burgeoning Rhythms.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.

Music is like a rainbow which scatters colors and holds a life of happiness, hope, joy and positivity in a person’s life. It fights the war between mind and soul.

There’s a connection between music and an individual’s soul which not only flees pain, anger, stress but also spreads harmony. It freshens your mind, soul and body. It sustains peace, salvation and pure bliss. Music is something that we listen according to our surroundings or inner call or mood and it soothes us in that way. So, we can say music is a ‘thing’ that removes the feeling of onism.

Music is like a magic world where you can get out of it but you cannot end it. When we listen music, it feels like we are in paradise. Music is love, best friend, soul mate, passion, escape, therapy, religion, deformed God, reverence, worship and life depending upon a person’s situation, taste or style. Also, some people listen to music to get out of their hectic schedule in search of solace or to vanish their pain, sorrows, miseries or any kind of stress. They just want to enter the world of music which is far away from the worldly violence. It acts like magic in a person’s life where they get soaked in the rhythm, tune and lyrics.

Music makes you fall in love with everything in the world full of unrealistic fantasies and the real world. Music has the power to heal and cure our hearts to move freely around the outside world along with our flaws and gives inner peace. If you are a great listener, music will sometimes help you in seeking your unanswered questions of the paradoxical world. In 2012, a research team at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that music deeply impacted what the listeners perceived were their emotions.

Music is more trustworthy and aesthetic than some people. The bond with music is more purer than bounded humans.

Sound of music is spellbound with floral notes which passes through the outer ear to the inner ear via vibrations, external auditory canal, eardrum, ossicles, sound waves into the cochlea. Sound waves are converted into electrical impulses. When auditory nerve sends impulses to the brain, it translates electrical impulses as sound. Isn’t it cool? Like a tunnel is dug along a diameter of the earth to discover minimum velocity of the particle to reach the final destination i.e. the surface of the earth.

Music is indeed the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven.

No doubt, I would like to say that music is divine energy which illuminates and mesmerizes doomed soul. Music makes life melancholic to rapturous. Whenever you feel that you are trapped and alone grim dawn, turn on music and start dancing whether you know the dance or not or take out your headphones and just start listening to music. Everyone listen music but some sing, some croon but only a few people make it as a profession.

My research has shown that sometimes music is the only star left in your galaxy when you have no one left to share your feelings. You start listening to music and lyrics becomes a companion in your universe. Music is not just an art form, expression of love or emotions, cultural activity whose medium is sound. It’s beyond that.

Music mends the broken pieces and it also motivates a person and fills zeal, enthusiasm and sometimes puts rage in a person to do a work when they even don’t want to! Research studies ascertain that adding music therapy to treatment improves symptoms and social functioning among schizophrenics.

Music affects the brain function which explores both music and brain. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and on the contrary music improves sleep quality, mood, mental alertness and memory.

Music-Dance are parallel like Body-Soul.

I’m sure most of the people aren’t aware of World Music Day. No issues at all! Well, let me ponder over it. World Music Day is celebrated on the 21st of June in almost 120 countries as data updated on June 20, 2019. Its country of origin is France where it is known as ‘Fête de la Musique’ which means “festival of music” to honor both amateur and professional musicians. Joel Cohen, American musician conceived the idea in the 1970s as he wanted bands to welcome the first day of summer on the evening of June 21. It was finally adopted by France’s Ministry of Culture in 1982 due to the efforts of Minister of Culture ‘Jack Lang’, French composer and music journalist ‘Maurice Fleuret’ who had joined the ministry.

During this COVID- 19 pandemic where the entire world is battling a war both physically and mentally.  Let’s do a small activity. Here’s a trick to freshen up your mind and make this pandemic more bearable. Turn on your favorite song, invite your family members in the hall or room and start dancing with your loved ones. If they are not dancing make them sit and assign them a task to sing a song whatever they like. You will get the chance to post Instagram stories or WhatsApp stories or be it anything in future but now, on this moment, call your fellows or family members or any near and dear ones and start singing with them and memorize old memories. Wait, wait a sec! I’m not saying that dial the number and start singing. Relax! Dial their number then talk to them and remember your favorite song. Melophiles can call their friends or artists. I know some of you will find this idea rubbish but trust me it will be fun.

Have fun! Not just on this day, you can do it whenever you like.

Thank you so much for your patience. Hope you enjoyed. (ô‿ô)